San Francisco, CA – Just in time for Pride, Sojourn Chaplaincy at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFG) is publicly launching the Transgender Spiritual Care Initiative (TSCI), the first program of its kind in the U.S. TSCI is a training program providing education about gender diversity to spiritual care providers, designed to build a network of chaplains and clergy who are equipped to interrupt discrimination against transgender and gender nonconforming patients in healthcare settings.

TSCI trainings are led by transgender clergy and faith leaders, and cover topics including transgender terminology, advocacy tools, unconscious bias, and transgender-affirming spiritual care. Facilitators and trainees will provide trans-positive spiritual care and healthcare, and advocate for trans-wellbeing in healthcare and religious institutions, both in the Bay Area and nationwide.

This week, the TSCI is unveiling its new website (, which introduces the TSCI training team to the public and offers free training resources for chaplains, clergy and lay audiences.

On July 13th, twelve transgender and gender nonconforming faith leaders and health professionals – many of whom are transgender people of color – will come together at ZSFG to further develop and share their expertise as facilitators of the TSCI curriculum. By promoting the wisdom of this group of facilitators, the TSCI aims to support leadership and livelihoods of transgender people and transgender people of color. This team of facilitators will be available to deliver trainings and serve as consultants for health and spiritual care organizations across the country.

About Sojourn Chaplaincy

Sojourn Chaplaincy has long been a leader in organizing spiritual communities to provide compassionate care to the most marginalized members of our society. Sojourn Chaplaincy was born in the early 1980s, during the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. While much of faith community refused to meet with people dying from AIDS — or worse, actively organized against them — Sojourn Chaplaincy committed to serving people at this painful crossroads, providing a loving presence and support. Sojourn developed an AIDS ministry training and trained thousands of clergy across the nation to provide non-judgmental and compassionate spiritual care and advocacy for people living with AIDS. In 2017, Sojourn Chaplaincy began delivering trainings that grew into the Trans Spiritual Care Initiative. The Trans Spiritual Care Initiative aims to address barriers to healthcare for transgender people, both in the Bay Area and across the country, through its transgender-affirming curriculum for chaplains, spiritual communities, and health professionals. For more information, please visit


To learn more about the TSCI and its upcoming Training of Trainers, please contact:

Rev. Claire Bohman
Sojourn Chaplaincy Program Director
1001 Potrero Ave Suite 2c5
Phone: 415-206-5245

Press Release: Sojourn Chaplaincy at San Francisco General Hospital to Launch First National Training Program for Chaplains and Clergy on Transgender Care

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