The Transgender Spiritual Care Initiative rejects all attempts to use faith as a justification for discrimination.

This week, while the Supreme Court hears arguments in three landmark cases involving employment discrimination against LGBTQ people, we will be supporting the transgender members of our community who face employment discrimination every day. We know that this is not an isolated problem but something that our community deals with day in and day out. Legal protection is only a start. The repeated attempts by the Trump administration and others to use religion as grounds for exemptions from any protection is devastating.

As faith leaders and chaplains working to promote the well being of all people we know that faith is a powerful dimension of the fight for equal rights. We stand together across traditions in strong opposition to faith as a hollow excuse to deny people their rights. We are working to train communities of faith, healthcare institutions, and other organizations to be more responsive to the needs of transgender communities. We invite you to help us further this work by inviting us to work with your community or your organization.

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Faith Leaders in Support of Employment Rights

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