TSCI’s team of expert facilitators is available to provide transgender-affirming care trainings in the Bay Area and across the country.

We specialize in providing trainings to chaplaincy programs, spiritual care departments, and spiritual care training programs. We also train health care providers in clinics and hospitals, spiritual congregations, and in many other settings.

Workshop offerings include:

  • Trans 101 (1 to 2 hours) – The TSCI Trans 101 covers the basics of gender identity and expression, including an overview of transgender terminology. Our free online Trans 101 is an example of this workshop.
  • Transgender Spiritual Care: Supporting the Spiritual Needs of Transgender & Gender Nonconforming Patients in Healthcare Settings (3-4 hours) – This half-day workshop covers all the content in the Trans 101, in addition to discussing the experience of being a transgender patient in the healthcare system. A significant portion of the workshop is committed to practicing new skills related to transgender-affirming language, addressing harm and barriers, and serving as an advocate.
  • Transgender Spiritual Care and Transgender-Supportive Systems (8 hours) – This full-day workshop addresses the content in the half-day workshop, then goes on to facilitate exploring the system-level change that can occur to help an organization become fully transgender-affirming. This workshop is recommended for organizational leadership and stakeholders.

All workshops are tailored to fit an organization’s specific strengths and needs.

Please contact us today to discuss your organization’s training goals, workshop rates, and scheduling.