Rev. Claire Bohman
Trans Spiritual Care Initiative Director and Trainer
Pronouns: she/her or they/them

Chaplain Claire Bohman is the Program Director of Sojourn Chaplaincy, the multi-faith spiritual care department for the SF General Hospital and Trauma Center. Claire is the lead educator in Sojourn’s Chaplain training program and is passionate about public health and equity in healthcare. Chaplain Claire draws on a background in community mental health and faith-based community organizing. Claire is an Interfaith Minister and a practitioner of Earth based spirituality. Claire completed a Masters of Divinity program as a Deans Scholar at the Pacific School of Religion with an emphasis on Spiritual Care and Liberation Theology and has also studied Interfaith Ministry at the New Seminary of New York, the United States’ oldest Interfaith seminary.

Specializes in: Spiritual Care Departments, CPE programs, healthcare leadership teams, healthcare providers and mental health staff.

Emiliano L. Lemus, MD/MS candidate
Trans Spiritual Care Initiative Coordinator and Trainer
Pronouns: they/them or he/him

Emiliano is a medical student in the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program, energetic herbalist, health disparities researcher, and trainer on transgender-affirming healthcare. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Biochemical Studies at Harvard College, Emiliano worked for a decade as a community organizer, serving as founding director of Erósfera, Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Puebla, Mexico, and co-director of Bluestockings Activist Center in NYC. Emiliano now researches the health and healthcare needs of homeless transgender youth in the San Francisco Bay Area, and helps healthcare organizations better understand how to serve marginalized transgender populations.

Specializes in: Transgender health, Educating healthcare professionals and students, Complimentary health settings

Schmian Evans, M.Div, MA
Pronouns: she/her

Schmian Evans is an educator, pastor, public theologian, and artivist. She holds an M.Div. degree, with an emphasis in Sexuality and Religion, from Pacific School of Religion, an M.A. in Women and Gender Studies from San Francisco State University, and a B.A. in Gender Studies from California State University Stanislaus. For more than a decade, Schmian has been an advocate for historically marginalized populations, serving as an educator, advocate and organizational leader in a wide variety of settings. Today, she continues her advocacy work as a “bridge builder,” often sought after to facilitate conversations in communities seeking to explore the complexities associated with sex, gender and sexuality variances.

Specializes in: Spirituality, LGBTQ Seniors, Sex (as in the sexed body), Gender and Sexuality discourses.

Lisanicole Sarkisian, MA
Pronouns: She/her

Lisanicole Sarkisian is a veteran, educator and community leader. She draws on a diverse background in education around gender diversity, and a corporate background in data analysis. Lisanicole served abroad in the Peace Corps as well as the US Military. She has a Masters Degree in Economics from Western Michigan University. She currently serves as a chaplain in her faith community in San Francisco. When she’s not serving the community, she is often taking photos and is passionate about this art.

Specializes in: Military, Corporations, Churches and Faith Communities, Healthcare Institutions

Fresh “Lev” White
Pronouns: he/they

Fresh “Lev” White is a love and compassionate activist. He offers coaching, training, and mindfulness as tools for shifting towards more authentic and passionate living. As a writer, he ministers love, and the power of the breath to his global community.

Grounded at the East Bay Mediation Center, graduate of Spirit Rock programs, Lev offers Dharma and mindful teachings around the Bay, and beyond. He is founder of Trans and GQ Mindfulness sangha;  contributor to Real World Mindfulness for Beginners; Trans Buddhist Anthology (Nov. 2019); and Trans Bodies, Trans Selves.

Specializes in: Spiritual Centers, Corporations, Mental Health Supporters (specifically counselors, therapists, psychiatrists)

Rev. Nikira Hernandez-Evans
Pronouns: they/them

Rev. Nikira Hernandez-Evans is a queer activist, healer, teacher, and preacher. They currently serve as an Associate Minister at Plymouth Church in Des Moines, Iowa through the Transition into Ministry program. Nikira holds an MDiv from Pacific School of Religion and a BA from Mount Holyoke with a concentration in Environmental Justice. They have been conducting trainings around anti-racism, indigenous spirituality, and LBTQ+ cultural competency since 2002. As a mixed-race Two Spirit person, Nikira connects with their Paiute ancestry through leadership in an Indigenous-led ceremony community. Nikira enjoys reading, taking over the lawn with vegetable gardens, and spending time with their wife and dog.

Specializes in: Churches and Faith Communities, Youth and Youth Service Centers, and Native American Communities.