The Trans Spiritual Care Initiative is a project of Sojourn Chaplaincy. Sojourn was born in 1982 on the AIDS ward of the SF General Hospital as a response to the AIDS crisis.

We have a deeply rooted commitment to serving the most marginalized in San Francisco.

Sojourn Chaplaincy’s Transgender Spiritual Care Initiative (TSCI) trains chaplains, clergy and healthcare providers to advocate for and with transgender patients. The TSCI is a first of its kind training program for providers across the country.  Under the leadership of trans and GNC clergy, Sojourn launched the Transgender Spiritual Care Initiative in 2017. This project has been building a cadre of clergy and chaplains who are trained in gender diversity and able to provide gender affirming spiritual care for trans people in healthcare, religious and other institutions. Sojourn Chaplaincy is the multi faith spiritual care department at San Francisco General Hospital, serving the city’s most marginalized residents and reaching into the community with our Transgender Spiritual Care Initiative and other spiritual care services and programs.