As spiritual care providers, chaplains and clergy we reject the idea that religion or spirituality are grounds to discriminate against anyone. Through our Transgender Spiritual Care Initiative (TSCI), Sojourn Chaplaincy provides education to spiritual care providers and chaplains about gender diversity. We are building a national network of chaplains and clergy who are equipped to interrupt discrimination and serve as allies for trans and gender nonconforming people as they access healthcare.

“The Trans Spiritual Care Initiative Training was an incredible three hours spent learning about a crucial subject in healthcare and beyond. I wanted the training to continue beyond its time! It was partly so engaging due to the kind, lively, compassionate facilitator. While this training is just the beginning of a longer, broader conversation on the subject, it was eye-opening to myself and my classmates. I would recommend anyone get exposure to this course (healthcare, yes–but really, anyone!), as it will help anyone to have more understanding of this important issue.”

– Emily G.